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DSLR Remote Pro 1.3 and BreezeBrowser Pro 1.6.1 Released

DSLR Remote Pro 1.3 and BreezeBrowser Pro 1.6.1 Released, Breeze Systems

October 23, 2006 – Breeze Systems announced on Friday the latest version of their software DSLR Remote Pro 1.3 to control Canon DSLR from a PC computer. The software provider also released an updated photo manager BreezeBrowser Pro 1.6.1 last week.

The DSLR Remote Pro 1.3 allows users to control their Canon DSLR, including the Digital Rebel XTi / 400D, from the comforts of their PC, connected by a FireWire or USB cable. Geared for product photography, portraiture, or wildlife photography, users can view full size previews on their computers and control multiple Canon DSLRs at one time. Breeze DSLR Remote Pro 1.3 adds an auto bracketing feature and can combine high dynamic range images onto a single image.

Clients of the DSLR Remote Pro include Getty Images and Reuters, according to an Oct. 20th Breeze Systems press release. The DSLR Remote Pro 1.3 is available for download at for $95. Upgrades are free to registered users who purchased the software within the last year.

Last week, Breeze Systems announced the latest version to their Windows-based photo management program, BreezeBrowser Pro 1.6.1. The update adds support for the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi / 400D, and the Nikon D80 RAW format. The update also adds new tagging and ranking features for slideshows.

BreezeBrowser 1.6.1 is available for download at for $69.95. The upgrade is free to registered users who made their purchase within the last year.

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