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We use standardized and scientific testing to ensure that we can provide you with the most detailed and accurate information possible. Using testing hardware and software that is often used by manufacturers themselves, we complement our tools with a level of detail and analysis no other site offers. Please see our How We Test article for more information on how we conduct our testing.

We believe that tough, objective, and standardized reviews are the best way to analyze any product. That’s why every product, whether it costs $150 or $1,500, gets the same standardized treatment and analysis at Reviewed.com Cameras. We do this to ensure that you can cross-compare our reviews, and also to ensure fairness in our testing.

We also believe that it is critical to base our reviews on the merits of the product, and nothing else. That’s why we have a strict Ethics Policy. All of our contributors and editors must abide by this ethics policy, which demands absolute separation between our editorial and advertising departments, requires that our editors refuse all gifts, and prohibits us from attending company press junkets. We are here to provide reviews and recommendations that have only the consumer’s best interests at heart.

Robin Liss

CEO and Publisher

Robin founded what is now Reviewed.com in 1996 in her basement, reviewing camcorders on the site that would eventually become CamcorderInfo.com. She grew that small camcorder review site from a hobby to a business while a student at Tufts University, where she graduated from in 2006. In January 2011, she led the acquisition of the company by USA Today / Gannett and continues to lead the company as Publisher, President & CEO. She has overseen the growth from a dozen employees at acquisition to over 45 today.

Robin leads and maintains Reviewed.com's entrepreneurial culture inside Gannett, while collaborating effectively across the company. In 2011, after acquisition, she led the expansion from the original Camera, TV and Consumer Electronics categories into Home Appliance products, taking a market leadership position in less than 3 years. In 2013, the company launched a weekly column in USA TODAY and a print feature showcasing our latest Editors' Choice Award Winner, as well as an annual special section featuring our Best of Year winners. In 2014, Robin oversaw the largest expansion of Reviewed.com yet with the debuted of new 24,000-sq.-ft. test labs in downtown Cambridge, MA. Along with the SVP Editorial David Kender, Robin manages Reviewed.com's relationships across the world, doing business with US technologies brands and companies in Japan, China, Korea, and Europe.

While integrated within Gannett in many functions, under Robin’s leadership Reviewed.com continues to maintain its own newsroom, reviewing, and reporting staff, test labs, software development, audience development, advertising sales, and business development functions in our offices in Cambridge, MA and New York, NY.

David Kender

SVP, Editorial

David Kender oversees the greater editorial department at Reviewed.com, comprised of the writing staff, the test labs, and new category development. He began as Managing Editor, then Editor in Chief, of Reviewed.com's original ancestor, CamcorderInfo.com, helping to grow the company from a tiny staff to one of the most influential online review resources. He was named Vice President of Editorial Management in 2008, and began his current role as Senior Vice President of Editorial in 2012, focusing on editorial efficiency, manufacturer relations, and maintaining a strict ethics policy. During his time at Reviewed.com, David has helped to launch over 20 product categories and written hundreds of articles. He also co-developed the CES awards program and related promotion.

Dave holds a Bachelor's degree from Villanova University and a Masters of Fine Arts from Emerson College. David is also a writer, publisher, and community organizer in independent comics.

Kaitlyn Chantry

VP, Editorial Management

Kaitlyn Chantry oversees editorial content production as Vice President of Editorial Management at Reviewed.com. After growing up in Texas, she moved to the northeast, where she received her undergraduate degree at Dartmouth College and her Master's degree from Harvard University. Since coming to New England, Kaitlyn has become an avid Boston sports fan.

Kaitlyn started her Reviewed.com career as Managing Editor of CamcorderInfo, eventually taking over as Editor in Chief of CamcorderInfo.com and DigitalCameraInfo.com. In her current role, Kaitlyn oversees the editorial production of reviews and social content. Recently she has helped the company's audience development efforts, leading the push into social content and social media. Outside of her Reviewed.com home, Kaitlyn is a theatre director and avid gamer.

Sam Beam

Director of Development

Sam Beam is an entrepreneur, technologist, and team leader who has been building things online since before the Web had a version number. He has solved technical problems in a variety of roles for creative-focused interactive agencies in the NY and Boston area for brands such as Dell, Foot Locker, Red Bull, Netjets, and many others. At Reviewed, he draws on that experience to help our team of talented developers continually improve our technical foundations.

Sunil Doshi

VP, Product

Sunil Doshi leads the interactive and creative efforts for Reviewed.com. He works with all parts of the company to bring a cohesive and intuitive experience to the Reviewed.com audience.

He has over 10 years of interactive media experience, with focused expertise in user experience for mobile and emerging consumer devices. He led creative direction and product development for 2ergo, formerly Proteus. He played an integral, hands-on role in almost every aspect of interactive development, including functioning as lead on initiatives for major brands such as FOX News, FOX Sports, Apple, HBO, Discovery Channel, ABC, USA Today, BBC America, Washington Post-Newsweek Interactive, Scripps Networks, MasterCard, Sprint, AT&T Wireless, and Motorola. His work for these companies included web and mobile interfaces and smartphone applications. He also developed industry-leading products that allowed brands to deploy mobile websites and SMS campaigns.

Kevin Incorvia

Software Architect

Kevin's first task at Reviewed.com was to re-vamp its web technologies, creating a modern platform capable of uniting Reviewed's many product categories under one brand. Since accomplishing that goal with his colleagues, he has gone on to manage and code many significant changes within Reviewed.com's software, helped foster a data-first product culture, and assisted in tripling the size of the development team.

Chris Lloyd

VP, Business Development

Chris Lloyd is responsible for business development, audience development, and revenue and yield management.

He's a 16-year internet industry veteran, who's held a broad range of management responsibilities at both B2C and B2B companies. He began his career selling display advertising during the first dot com boom. He then took the entrepreneurial route by starting two small digital businesses in LA and Seattle, before returning to the startup world in San Francisco, New York, and Cambridge, MA.

Timur Senguen

VP, Testing and Science

Dr. F. Timur Senguen oversees the development and implementation of all testing at Reviewed.com, including the design, operation, and maintenance of the laboratories and test equipment. He also manages the data analysis and score modeling.

He joined the Reviewed.com team in 2012 after completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the Boston Biomedical Institute where he studied mutant proteins implicated in certain forms of heart disease and muscular dystrophy. Before moving to New England, he earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Rochester, investigating Alzheimers-related protein plaques. In addition to writing some of the deep data-dive articles for Reviewed.com and covering international technology trade shows, he has also published numerous scientific papers.