Our Ethics Policy

Reviewed.com Cameras maintains a strict ethics policy for all its staff and contributors. This strict ethics policy is intended to separate the editorial function of the website from any inappropriate influences such as advertising or any other monetary interest. These policies insure that the content on Reviewed.com Cameras is independent, unbiased, accurate, and based solely on the merits of the products we review.

Gifts, Bribes, other Monetary Compensation
Full time members of the editorial staff, part time members, freelancers, contributors, or anyone involved with the editorial process are strictly prohibited from accepting any gifts, bribes, prizes or monetary compensation from any companies or the surrogates of such companies who we cover or may soon expand to cover.
All Reviewed.com Cameras editorial staff, part time members, freelancers, contributors, or anyone involved with the editorial process are strictly prohibited from accepting any trips or press junkets sponsored by companies whose products are covered by our website. If it is necessary for Reviewed.com Cameras to participate in press junkets or a trip organized by companies covered by Reviewed.com Cameras, we absorb all associated costs in full.
Social Events, Press Functions, and Meals
Reviewed.com Cameras believes it is necessary to attend industry social functions hosted by manufacturers to develop contacts and sources and to raise industry awareness of our website. Reviewed.com Cameras editorial staff are permitted to attend social functions, press functions and associated meals hosted by the companies we cover. We only allow participation at these events if attending the function furthers the development of a source, contact, or story which is critical for developing quality content on Reviewed.com Cameras.
All recommendations posted on Reviewed.com Cameras, made by Reviewed.com Cameras editorial staff in the media or in public must be based solely on the editorial product analysis process. We will not permit our recommendations to be influenced by any outside biased party who seeks to put their self-interest over the credibility, integrity, and independence or our reviews regardless of a perceived advertising or business relationships advantage which might accrue to Reviewed.com Cameras. Further, recommendations are not made for the purpose of marketing Reviewed.com Cameras. Our inherent value is our independence, credibility, and integrity. All our recommendations placed in marketing materials must be based upon the editorial product analysis process and nothing else.
Advertising and Editorial Separation
Reviewed.com Cameras will at all times have strict separation between any advertising and editorial activities. Any employees or contributors that are in any way involved with the editorial process are strictly prohibited from engaging in advertising sales. If any member of the editorial team is approached about advertising they must immediately redirect the contact to the advertising team. Further, Reviewed.com Cameras, its holding company, and any partners will make every effort to separate the advertising and editorial functions, both in the nature of its business relationships and the physical location of different departments.
Advertising Labeling
All advertising on Reviewed.com Cameras is separated from content. When advertising is placed in content, it is to be clearly labeled as advertising and must in no away attempt to deceive the user into believing that it is not advertising. Advertising which appears like content, otherwise known as “advertorials” is prohibited from the site.
Product Loans
Reviewed.com Cameras receives short term loans of products for evaluation. All products loaned to Reviewed.com Cameras are returned expeditiously to the manufacturer. In the rare case where the manufacturer does not want the product back, the product is given away to charity. Under no circumstances may the product remain in the possession of anyone on the editorial team.
Investment and Employment
All Reviewed.com Cameras editorial contributors are prohibited from direct investment in any of the companies which are covered by the website. Editorial contributors may not be employed, consult to, or receive any compensation from any company which we cover while employed by Reviewed.com Cameras. In the event that an editorial team member is offered employment by any company which we cover, they must immediately disclose such an offer to our management.
Potential Bias of Any Form
Reviewed.com Cameras editorial staff and anyone involved with the editorial process are strictly prohibited from engaging in any business or personal relationships which might possibly create any source of inappropriate bias towards one company or another. All editorial staff and anyone involved with the editorial process must immediately disclose any relationships, dealings, or anything not covered by this ethics policy which may have any potential for creating inappropriate bias. These potential conflicts will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis in order to remove any potential inappropriate influences on the editorial process.