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These Are the Best iPhone Photos of the Year

Proof that the best camera is the one you have with you.

For the past seven years, the folks at the iPhone Photography Awards (IPPA) have been combing through mountains of entries to find the best shots taken with an iPhone. Well, it's that time again: This week, the IPPA announced the best iPhone photos of 2014.

This year's grand prize winner is from Julio Lucas of Bradenton, Florida, who snapped a shot of a man trekking across a snowy landscape with an ominous mountain range in the distance. It's an incredible photo, with the kind of depth and quality we wouldn't typically expect from a smartphone camera.

Julio Lucas's photo of a man walking towards a shrouded mountain range won the IPPA's photo of the year award. [Credit: Julio Lucas/IPPA] View Larger

The iPhone Photography Awards are also given out in a number of sub-categories, with prizes for winners in categories such as animals, architecture, children, flowers, food, landscape, lifestyle, nature, news/events, others, people, seasons, still life, sunset, travel, and trees.

This snowy landscape was expertly snapped by iPhone photographer Cocu Liu. [Credit: Cocu Liu/IPPA] View Larger

All the winners of this year's iPhone Photography Awards take home a solid gold brick, minted at a private mint. The top three finalists in the "Photographer of the Year" category also won a 16GB iPad Air (WiFi edition). You can view a gallery of all of the the category winners below.

It's impressive to see so many fantastic photos, knowing that they were taken with nothing more than the iPhones that many people carry in their pocket every day. To see all of this year's finalists and winners as well as winners from previous years, you can head over to the IPPA's site.

Via: Gizmodo
Hero Images: Michael O'Neal/IPPA & Julio Lucas/IPPA

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