Kodak EasyShare C340 Digital Camera Review

Testing / Performance

 **Color (6.69)**Compact digital cameras tend to have slightly embellished, less accurate color reproduction. Cheap compact cameras do even worse. The Kodak EasyShare C340 has a 1/2.5-inch CCD, which is a standard size for the 5.36 total megapixels on the sensor. We test color reproduction on digital cameras by photographing the GretagMacbeth color chart, composed of 24 color tiles. We upload these images into Imatest Imaging Software which compares the camera’s colors to the chart’s ideal colors. Imatest output the chart below to show the difference. The inner rectangle is the original color of the GretagMacbeth chart. The outer square is the Kodak C340’s produced color and the inner square is computer-corrected for luminance.

The same results are depicted in the next chart, which shows each color’s error more blatantly. The square is the original color tile from the GretagMacbeth chart; the circle is the color produced by the Kodak EasyShare C340. The line between these two shapes is the color error, so the longer it is the more erroneous the particular color.

The Kodak EasyShare C340 received an overall color score of 6.69, which is decent but falls far short of the Kodak Z-series models that scored in the 10s. The EasyShare C340 exaggerated many of the colors and over-saturated its general palate by 26.3 percent. The mean color error was 10.6, which reflects the slight disappointment in these color scores.  **Still Life Scene

Below is a shot of our still life scene recorded with the Kodak EasyShare C340.  Click on the image above to view a full resolution version (CAUTION: the linked file is very large!) Resolution / Sharpness (3.44)**Many consumers consider resolution as one of the main selling points of a camera because it largely determines the quality and size of prints. We tested the Kodak C340 by taking several exposures of an industry standard resolution chart in our well lit studio setup. We uploaded these images into Imatest software, which evaluated the resolution and sharpness of the images and determined an actual pixel count in the files. When digital cameras score within 70 percent of their advertised pixel count, we consider them "good." Within 80 percent is "very good" and within 90 percent is rare and "excellent."


Click on the chart above to view full size image](http://www.digitalcamerainfo.com/viewer.php?picture=C340-ResCH-LG.jpg )

We shot the images at several focal lengths and apertures, but the best results came from the 13.5mm focal length and an aperture of f/4.1. The Kodak EasyShare C340 uses 3.44 of its advertised 5 effective megapixels, which is just short of a "good" designation at 69 percent. This isn’t a big surprise, although it is slightly disappointing. We tested the Kodak C360 and came up with similar results: it captured 68 percent of its advertised effective pixel count. This score will suffice for prints up to 8 x 10 inches, as long as they aren’t excessively cropped.  **Noise - Auto ISO (3.66)**This model has a truncated ISO range when automatically set. In the automatic modes, it ranges from 80-160. In the sports scene mode, it ranges from 80-200. Noise produced when the ISO was automatically set was average for a compact digital camera. The Kodak EasyShare C340 received an overall auto ISO noise score of 3.66.  **Noise - Manual ISO (5.65)**The range of ISO sensitivities available expands when the function is manually set. 80, 100, 200, and 400 options are offered, which is a typical range for this type of model. Below is a chart that shows noise levels at each ISO rating. The rating is on the horizontal axis and the noise level is depicted on the vertical axis.

We input the individual noise level results from each ISO rating into a regression analysis to determine the overall score. The Kodak EasyShare C340 scored a 5.65, which is better than its automatic score and about average for manual ISO scores on compact models in this price range. Images do get noisy when the ISO settings are pushed and may compel users to opt for flash exposures over the increased sensitivity.  **Low Light Performance (3.0)**If planning a trip to the nightclubs with the Kodak C340, plan on also using the flash constantly or finding a well lit room for photographs. We tested the C340 in less than optimal lighting and came up with some disappointing results. We tried the night scene mode, but were blurry with less accurate color. Using the self-timer didn’t help, so we resorted to the auto mode.

 60 lux is about the lighting found with two soft lamps in a living room after sunset. At this level, the C340’s images retained illumination, but the colors suffered and look under-saturated. A single 40-watt bulb is the equivalent of 30 lux; in this lighting the C340 got considerably darker in illumination and color became even muddier. 15 and 5 lux are very near darkness. Not only does the camera’s color and illumination deteriorate respectively, but the images’ sharpness takes a dive too. So while the Kodak EasyShare C340 is a fun portable camera, don’t take it stargazing.  **Speed / Timing***Start-up to First Shot**(3.79)*Start up the camera and take a few deep breaths and count to ten. It may take just that long for the C340 to start up and snap its first shot. Our testing got the camera to startup as fast as 6.21 seconds, which really isn’t fast at all. In fact, it’s one of the slowest models we’ve ever tested.  *Shot to Shot**(9.01)*Fortunately, the Kodak EasyShare C340’s burst mode is much quicker than its start-up. It took an average of 0.53 seconds between shots for 3 shots before recording to the memory and preparing for its next burst.  *Shutter to Shot**(7.94)*There is some shutter lag in this model. From the time the shutter release button is pressed to the moment the picture is recorded, 0.53 seconds go by. We’ve seen slower models, but we’ve seen much faster too – even among entry-level compact cameras.  

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