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Samsung NX300

$749.99 MSRP | Buy now at Amazon
8.5 score
Product Image - Samsung NX300
  • Best of Year 2013
  • Editors' Choice
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Full Review

The Samsung NX300 (MSRP $749–$999, depending on kit lens choice) is the best camera the Korean manufacturing giant has made to date. A bold claim, perhaps, but also a statement of fact.

Compared to most of the major camera makers, Samsung got a late start. An abortive partnership with Pentax did little to advance its DSLR ambitions, and when the mirrorless revolution got underway, it lagged behind the Micro Four Thirds consortium and its biggest rival, Sony.


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Camera Type
  • Compact SLR / System Camera
Viewfinder Type none
Display Type articulated touchscreen OLED
Display Size 3.31 in.
Display Resolution 768000 pixels


Samsung NX300

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