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  • Photoshop CS3 and Bridge Updates

    December 31, 2003 – Adobe has released updates of the Photoshop CS3 and Bridge which are part of the new Creative Suite 3.

  • Kodak KAI-01050 Image Sensor

    December 31, 2003 – Kodak recently announced a new Kodak KAI-01050 Image Sensor which would be used in applied imaging applications.

  • Phase One and Mamiya Collaborate

    December 31, 2003 – Phase One A/S and Mamiya Digital Imaging Co,. Ltd. have joined hands to develop a new open platform-based medium format digital camera system which would be targeted at the prof...

  • Canon EOS-1D Mark III Latest Update

    December 31, 2003 – We have already talked about the problems plaguing the EOS-1D Mark III and here is the latest update from that story.

  • Nikon Capture NX to be Shipped With D3 and D300 DSLR

    December 31, 2003 – Nikon UK will now ship the D3 and D300 DSLR cameras with the Nikon Capture NX software.

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