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FotoFlexer Online Editing Site Launches

Earlier this month, website FotoFlexer, a new online photo-editing suire for sites such as Photobucket and Facebook, launched to allow users to enhance images for photo sharing.

July 18, 2007 – FotoFlexer, a free, online photo-editing website, was introduced earlier this month. The site allows users to easily enhance images for online photo sharing sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

'We created FotoFlexer because we were frustrated with the inability to easily edit photos in online communities,' said Neil Warren, one of the co-founders of FotoFlexer, in a press release. 'FotoFlexer empowers users to improve the quality of their images, and also provide a number of fun features, well-suited to social networkers on Facebook, MySpace and other sites.'

The site offers tools for modifying pictures. FotoFlexer touts its ability to remove acne, give a person a tan, enhance muscles, or turn a person into "The Hulk." FotoFlexer’s services are free and provided online.

'FotoFlexer represents a giant leap forward for online photo editing. It brings a number of features to the typical users that were once only available to multimedia professionals,' said Professor Jon Burgstone, the founding Faculty Chair of the Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, in a press release.

FotoFlexer will continue to add features to meet consumer demands. FotoFlexer is currently integrated into Facebook.

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