Casio Develops Methanol Fuel Cell to Power Electronics

Casio Develops Methanol Fuel Cell to Power Electronics

press release.The fuel cell has already succeeded in powering a digital camera, according to the Photo Marketing Association, and it could be used to charge computers when it hits the market next year.


in November.The prototype, measuring a tiny 27.2 x 46 x 2.8mm, contains a micro pump drawing on the chemical compound to produce an electrolyzed liquid that is emitted as hydrogen gas.Methanol micro fuel cells act as a continuous power source and would alleviate the need to recharge batteries or use power cords. 

Consumers will someday see that "methanol fuel cell technology will power everything from laptop computers and cellular phones, to lawnmowers and portable power generators," according to the Methanol Institute.

Casio plans to ships micro fuel cell technology in 2007, according to the Casio release.

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