Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G3 Digital Camera First Impressions Review

Physical Tour

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G3 is an undeniably sleek little camera. While closed, it looks like a tiny sliver of black (though it looks slightly blue in our photographs), which you then open by pulling it out horizontally. This exposes the lens in the upper left, as well as the flash and auto focus assist lamp. It also adds extra area for you to grip, and makes the camera easier to hold. On the whole, the G3 feels solidly constructed, but the buttons are all almost flush with the device, and barely depress at all, which doesn't make for a very tactile experience.



When closed, the front is completely featureless, except for logos and titles scattered around. When you slide it open, the lens is revealed, and a small opening is made for the flash and auto focus assist lamp.



The extended front


In the images below you can see how the controls are completely covered when the camera is closed, but when it's opened you gain access to the zoom controls and a large and well textured grip area.


The G3's rear, both open (top) and closed (bottom).


The sides of the camera are relatively nondescript. The left side is completely barren, and the right has two buttons, one for powering up the camera, and one to launch the Wi-Fi functionality.


The left and right sides of the camera


The top has two buttons, a large one on the far right for taking photos, and a smaller one to its left to launch into playback mode.


The top buttons are all near the right


The bottom has access to the memory stick and battery under a door on the right, then the proprietary port, and finally a tripod mount.


The bottom of the camera


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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G3

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