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The TL320 doesn't set out to redesign the wheel, but rather tweaks the design of a standard point-and-shoot slightly, like by adding a larger grip, or the use of analog dials for battery charge and memory.

The Samsung TL320


The front of the TL320 has a distinctive grip against the edge of the camera. You'll notice a small circle beneath the Samsung logo, this is a receiver for an optional remote control. The similar circle beneath the flash is the autofocus assist bulb.

The grip on the far left is easy to hold


The big new feature of the TL320 is its OLED screen, with 460,000 dots. The primary method of control is a dial, which also acts as a four-way control, and has a series of small dots on it which give a bit of grip. Along the right edge of the camera is a thumb-rest, that provides a little extra grip when not zooming with the small toggle right under your thumb.

OLEDs are a rare sight on cameras


The left and right sides are both barren, though on the right you can see the thumb-rest poking out.

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Both sides are bare



In a rather stylish touch, Samsung have attached small dials to the top of the camera which show the battery level and amount of storage on the memory card. These little analog meters give you an easy and constant reminder of how the camera is doing. Also on top of the camera is the power button, shutter control, and mode dial.

The analog dials are a quirky, but nice, touch


Here on the bottom of the camera, you'll find the tripod mount, the sole proprietary port, and the battery and memory card slots.

*We could have done with a standard  rather than proprietary port*

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Samsung TL320

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