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The SL620 is an average-looking point-and-shoot. It's a small, credit card-sized camera, its lens retracts when not in use, it has an LCD screen in lieu of a true viewfinder, and basic controls. This particular camera was a metallic pink.

*There isn't a lot to differentiate the SL620 from other point-and-shoots.*


The front of the SL620 is pretty unremarkable. You have the branding next to the autofocus assist, the extending lens, and a flash. It has some of its finer points branded on its lower left and right corners. All in all, the SL620 adheres to the classic point-and-shoot design.

*The front of the SL620 has horizontal striations on its metallic surface, which lends a nice aesthetic quality.*


The back of the SL620 again has, standard point-and-shoot all over the place. The LCD takes up the bulk of the real estate, with the controls lining the right side. That switch-looking control on top is actually a zoom toggle, below which is the control dial. Typically point-and-shoots have a zoom ring around their shutter button and the control dial is also an top of the device. The rest of the controls are regulars, however: menu button, four-way controller, playback button, and function button.

*The back of the camera has the standard 'screen on the left, controls on the right' layout.*


The left side of the SL620 doens't have any interesting features. The right has the camera's proprietary USB port and a lanyard loop.

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*The left side of the camera is a featureless expanse. The right has a lanyard loop and proprietary USB port.*


The top of the camera has the power and shutter buttons. Those three circles between them is the camera's microphone.

*For some reason, a few typical point-and-shoot features have

migrated from the top of the SL620 to its back.




The bottom of the SL620 has two main features: the battery and memory card cavity, and the tripod socket. There's also a little diagram to remind you not to throw the camera away.

*The switch on top of the battery hatch unlocks it, as per usual.*


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