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Kodak EasyShare Z915 First Impressions Digital Camera Review

Product Tour

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The Kodak EasyShare Z915 is solidly constructed. Although slightly larger than some competitors, this does have the benefit of giving you more to grip when holding the camera.  On the front you have the 10x zoom lens, along with a substantial hand grip.

*The Z915 is larger than competitors but still remarkably small for an ultrazoom.*


The front of the Kodak EasyShare Z915 is dominated by the 10x Kodak Retinar lens. Above it is a flash that sits on a small rise built into the camera body. Just to the right of the lens is the autofocus assist lamp and the left side of the front gives you a solid grip to hold onto.

*There's a nice grip for your hand on the left side of the camera.*


On the back of the Z915 you'll notice the rather small 2.5-inch display is a bit dwarfed. To the right of the screen are four buttons for delete, menu, display information and playback. At the far right is the 4-way controller with a dedicated share button just above it.

There's a lot of empty space on the back of the Z915.


The left side of the Kodak EasyShare Z915 doesn't have any features, the right side sports a lanyard loop and a cover for the camera's ports.

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The right side has a cover for ports and a lanyard loop.


On the top you find the mode dial sitting just right of center. The on/off button is right in front of it. To the right you'll find the shutter button with zoom toggle surrounding it and at the far right are three buttons for Flash, Macro and Timer settings.

*On the top you have a mode dial, shutter button and a few additional controls.*


On the bottom of the Z915 you'll find the tripod mount slightly off center and the cover for the battery and memory card slots.

On the bottom the tripod mount and battery/memory bay.


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Kodak EasyShare Z915

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