Fujifilm FinePix XP150 First Impressions Review

This tough cam has GPS and shoots 1080p video.



Fujifilm has added a few models to their rugged, can't-be-drowned, can't-be-bashed, can't-be-frozen, can't-be-clogged XP series this year, with the XP150 heading the pack. The XP150 is the toughest of the bunch, boasting waterproofing up to 33ft, shock-proofing up to 6.5ft, freeze-proofing down to 14ºF and dust-proofing to boot. These stats are all improvements on last years XP50. But with only a minimal amount of resources to test products here at CES, we will have to take Fuji's word for now. At some point this year, we will haul this bruiser into our labs and really rough it up...scientifically of course.

The XP150 will be available this March for $279.95, available in the colors of a (strange) rainbow: black, blue, orange, silver, and green.



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  4. Modes
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  7. Conclusion
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Fuji xp150 vanity

Fujifilm FinePix XP150

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