Fujifilm FinePix S2000HD Digital Camera First Impressions Review

Fujifilm FinePix S2000HD Digital Camera First Impressions Review


Physical Tour

The Fujifilm FinePix S2000HD looks like a slightly sportier, slightly more modern SLR (albeit an SLR with a stubby lens). The grip juts out to give your right hand something to hold on to while you shoot, and the overall body is small enough to facilitate one-handed shooting. Even though the camera has a 15x optical zoom, the lens never protrudes enough to call attention to itself. The camera also features a pop-up flash to help reduce red-eye. Overall, a slightly smaller, slightly sleeker take on the SLR aesthetic.



The front of the S2000HD only has a few features. The left side juts out to facilitate your grip. In the valley between this grip and the lens, towards the top, is the auto focus assist lamp. In this picture you can also see some of the controls lining the top, including the shutter button and control dial.



The S2000HD goes for the traditional SLR aesthetic.


There's nothing particularly shocking about the back of the S2000HD. The bottom left is where the 2.7-inch LCD hangs its hat, the electronic viewfinder lives just upstairs, and the display switch button neighbors them both. There's an indicator lamp that shows focus, memory write and flash charging status.

Off to the right you'll find the control panel, which consists of a playback button, the F-Mode button (brings up a menu with ISO, quality settings and color filters), 4-way controller, display button, and a '+/-' button that controls exposure compensation.

Up on the 4-way controller brings up the delete controls, left is macro mode, right is flash controls, and down is instant zoom. The center button is the MENU/OK control.



The back of the S2000HD is proportioned like a point-and-shoot,

in that the screen takes up more than half of the available area.


*The left side reminds you of the camera's impressive zoom range. You can also see the profile of the flash, below and the button to make it pop up. The series of eight dots is a speaker, and the panel behind it covers the connection ports.


The zoom lens isn't 15x wider than anything else, but it

does start at a relatively wide 27.6mm angle.**

****The right side of the camera looks like it has multiple hidden doors, but it in fact only has one: the one covering the memory card slot, which is the largest in the photo below. The other lines are red herrings, meant to confuse would-be memory thieves.


*With the help of a Fujifilm rep and a book on the FinePix series,

we determined the bottom square will not flip or slide open,

regardless of how much it looks like it should.



The top offers a bird's-eye view of the flash in its closed position. You can also make out the mode dial beside the flash, the shutter button sitting within the zoom toggle at the front, a power switch, and two shortcut buttons: the top one turns on face detection mode, and the second activates continuous shooting mode. The on/off switch is a bit misleading, since it looks like the left position is on and moving it to the right would turn it off; you actually move it to the right and hold it there for a second to toggle the power on or off.


*The S2000HD offers a variety of buttons and dials without looking cluttered. *


The bottom of the grip is largely dedicated to the battery cover. The very center of the bottom has a plastic tripod socket, which is less durable than a metal socket.


*The battery cavity under this cover holds 4 AA batteries. *


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Fujifilm FinePix S2000HD

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