Fujifilm FinePix S1500 First Impressions Digital Camera Review

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The Fujifilm S1500 looks like the DSLR version of a puppy. It's small overall, but has a few relatively large features. It roughly measures 4 inches wide, 2.9 inches high, and 2.7 inches deep. This is probably too thick to fit in a pocket comfortably, but doing so wouldn't be impossible. It weighs 11.4 ounces, which is twice what the average point-and-shoot weighs. The Fujifilm S1500 is definitely smaller than the DSLRs it borrows its aesthetics from, but it isn't as small as most portable cameras.

*The front of the S1500 resembles a baby DSLR, with the signature protruding lens and hand grip.*


The front of the S1500 mainly consists of the grip and the lens. At the top of the grip you can see the side of the zoom toggle. Just above the valley between the grip and the lens is the auto-focus assist lamp; above that is the side of the control dial. To the right of the Fujifilm branding is the flash button.

*The front of the S1500 squeezes a lot of large features onto a very small space.*



Like most modern cameras, the major feature on the S1500's back is its LCD display. Above it is the viewfinder, which also uses an LCD. The right side has a bunch of controls. The button above the d-pad array switches between the LCD and electronic viewfinder. The top left button opens playback mode, the top right button opens up a quick menu, the bottom left button is the back button, and the bottom right button opens up exposure compensation.

*The d-pad is located a bit too low on the camera. It'll be an uncomfortable stretch to reach it

when your index finger is on the shutter button.



The left side of the S1500 has a better view of the flash button, information about the camera's zoom and a hint as to whether or not it has image stabilization, and a set of speakers at the bottom.

*The metal loop pictured above is so you

can easily turn the S1500 into a necklace.


The right side really only has one feature, the micro USB port.

*Since you'll be gripping this side, it

doesn't have many features.



The top of the camera has the flash, control dial, on/off switch and a corresponding LED, a facial recognition shortcut, a stabilization shortcut, and the zoom toggle.

*The facial recognition and stabilization features get shortcut buttons, which are slightly awkward

to push naturally.



There are two features on the bottom of the device: the memory card/battery cavity and a tripod socket.

Almost half the bottom of the camera is dedicated to the battery/memory card cavity.


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