Canon PowerShot SX200 IS First Impressions Digital Camera Review

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The compact ultrazoom marketplace has become more crowded. Last year you'd have to choose between Canon's SX110 IS or Panasonic's TZ series of compact ultrazooms. This year both Canon and Panasonic have upgraded their models while Samsung and Kodak have introduced new cameras in this space. Canon's previous entry, the SX110 IS, was a bit clunky, but Canon's improved matters with the SX200 IS. The body has a much more graceful design, and has shed some size and weight.

The SX200 IS design is a big step up from its predecessor.


The front of the Canon PowerShot SX200 IS is dominated by the 12x optical zoom lens. Just above and to the left of the lens is the autofocus assist lamp. the flash is hidden beneath the compartment you see right above the Canon logo. It pops up when the camera is turned on.

The monster 12x lens dominates the front of the SX200 IS.


On the back of the SX200 IS you'll see the 3-inch LCD display taking up most of the space. To the right of the display you'll find the 4-way control with a rotating dial surrounding it. Around this are four buttons for printing, play, menu and display. Above these is a thumb rest.

The 3-inch LCD dominates the back of the SX200 IS.


The left side of the Canon PowerShot SX200 IS doesn't have any significant features. On the right side you'll see the wrist strap loop with a cover for the ports just above it. For some reason Canon has also decided to make the right side very shiny.

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Nothing of interest on the left; on the right you get a wrist strap loop and ports


On the top of the Canon PowerShot SX200 IS you'll find the obligitory shutter button with a zoom control surrounding it. To the left of that you'll find a standard mode dial, and an on/off button just to the left of that. At the far left you'll see the compartment from which the flash pops up when the camera is turned on.

*From the top you can see the slight curve Canon gave the SX200 IS's body.*


On the bottom of the SX200 IS you see the plastic tripod mount on the right. On the left side is a compartment, beneath which hide the battery and memory card slots.

We would have liked to see a metal tripod mount.

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