Canon EOS Digital Rebel Digital Camera Review

Testing / Performance

Color ***(7.91)

*We tested the color of the Canon EOS Digital Rebel using Imatest Imaging Software and a GretagMacbeth color chart. We measure the amount that the camera differs from what the ideal color of the chart should be. Below is a copy of the chart. For each color, the outer square is what the camera produced. The inner square is the color the camera produced, corrected by Imatest for color error. The small inner vertical rectangle is 'ideal,' meaning what the camera should be producing.


Below is a graph representing the color reproduction and the degree of variance from the ideal. The circles are the colors produced by the camera, while the squares are the ideal. The greater the distance between the two, the less accurate the camera is.


The Canon EOS Digital Rebel received a mean saturation score of 111%. The mean saturation is a measure of the overall 'intensity' of the colors produced by the Rebel. Some people prefer more saturated colors because it will make their images vibrant and more intense; however, some do not like it because it is not as accurate. This saturation score is much higher than the Nikon D70.

The Canon EOS Digital Rebel is one of the most accurate cameras in color reproduction we have reviewed, receiving a score of 7.91. The colors are numbered 1-24 starting in the upper left corner and moving right row by row. The Rebel is spot on with the green (#14), bluish-green (#6), and cyan (#18) color tiles. The only colors which the Rebel does not reproduce well are the red (#15) and the foliage (#4) color tiles. The red tile is over-saturated, a tendency which many digital cameras follow because it makes skin tones more lively. If you look at the graph above, most colors are accurately produced and I am satisfied with its color performance. This color representation on the Canon Digital Rebel is a great example of how looks can deceive; just because this camera looks a little wimpy doesn't mean it can't run with the big dogs.

Still Life Scene

Below is a picture of our Fauvism-inspired still life scene which we photograph with every digital camera:



Clicking on the above image will open a full resolution version in a new window (CAUTION: The linked file is very large)](../viewer.php?picture=Canon-Digital-Rebel_reallife.jpg)

**Resolution / Sharpness **(5.65)

We test camera resolution using an ISO resolution chart and Imatest Imaging Software. We take multiple test shots and reduce the amount of error in testing. Imatest produces a real resolution number that factors in the optics, image processing, and camera electronics to give a resolution score that represents the actual image captured by the camera.

Canon reports the resolution of the Rebel to be 6.29 megapixels. We got a real resolution score of 5.65 megapixels. This is excellent resolution performance by the Rebel. Comparatively the Nikon D70 received a real resolution score of 4.34 megapixels. The Canon Rebel's real resolution score is 89.8% of what the manufacturer reports, and that is excellent accuracy. We rarely see digital cameras with accuracies above 85%. This compares to the D70's good accuracy of 72.1%.

Noise - Auto ISO*(9.65)

*The Canon EOS Digital Rebel produces vivid images with low noise levels. Generally with a camera such as this, many users will be inclined to manually adjust the ISO rating to get the exposure they desire. However, a fully competent automatic mode is a nice complement to any manually-oriented imager. Users of the Canon EOS Digital Rebel should have no hesitation to try it out, as its automatic ISO setting produces images as clear as any camera we have tested.

Noise - Manual ISO*(9.01)

*For those cameras which provide multiple ISO settings, we test the noise produced at the various ratings under fixed light. The tests are measured using Imatest software, gauging the level of noise present in each image. The graph below is a representation of both the ISO values and a numeric noise reading. The horizontal X-axis is the ISO value and the Y-axis represents the noise level.


The graph above shows the Canon EOS Digital Rebel’s competency at the various ISO settings. While a rise in noise is correlated to higher ISO ratings, each of the Rebel’s individual ISO values provide exceptionally good noise readings. Each of these point values are put into a regression analysis which we turn into an overall noise score. The numeric results and graph show the Rebel’s ability to maintain low noise and provide high ISO ratings, proving the Rebel is a manual user’s delight, with flexibility and quality to back it up.

Speed / Timing

Start-up to First Shot*(7.3)*

I was a bit surprised at how long it took the Canon EOS Digital Rebel to start up. It took 2.7 seconds to turn on completely and shoot an image.

*Shot to Shot Time (9.07)

*SLR digital cameras are not saddled with the same lag problems that other digital cameras have; there is practically no lag in shot-to-shot time. The Canon EOS Digital Rebel performed well, but there was a significant lag in the time it took to write images to the CF card. This is a common criticism with the Canon EOS Digital Rebel that the Nikon D70 doesn't seem to suffer from.

Shutter to Shot Time*(9.19)*

As with shot-to-shot, there is essentially no lag between the shutter being pressed and an image being captured. Quick shooting is one of the defining characteristics of digital SLR cameras, and the Canon EOS Digital Rebel does just as well as the competition.

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